SunUp #15-24

This week I…

  • Upgraded Bubblision to be a Unity 5 project, this included:
    • New version of EchoLogin Core Framework, GameAnalytics, UnityTestTools
    • I had to change some code to work with the new GameAnalytics Unity SDK only to then find it won’t work with Android until later this month
    • Fixed some display issues
    • Fixed some new bugs to prevent code trying to destroy objects that had been destroyed
    • I had to change the mesh renderer on power-ups as mesh collider can no longer be a trigger unless it’s convex. Making it convex seemed overkill so I swapped it for a box collider as this works fine and probably gives better performance.

SunUp #15-20

This week I…

  • Created some new promotional screenshots for Bubblision
  • Released v1.11 of Bubblision (this feature release allows players to skip a bubble by swiping)
  • Added caching to the Mucky Creature web site
  • Carried on working on the RF1 link changes
  • Began work on the first Annual Return for my company
  • Updated the blog with all the SunUps I’d missed 😉

SunUp #15-17

This week I…

  •  Released an alpha version of Bubblision (v1.1) – the main change is that it has added game functionality allowing players to skip the current player bubble colour. I think it makes the game more fun but I’m worried it’ll make it too easy.
  • More work on the responsive redesign for the shop – almost done now!
  • Upgraded RF1 to use Django 1.8
  • Began work on changes to RF1 to use the URL reverser. The intention is that once this work is done I’ll move the site to SSL only.

SunUp #15-08

I’m really pleased to announce that Bubblision is now available on SlideMe:

Up until now Bubblision has only been on Google Play but over the next few weeks I hope to add Bubblision to some of the other app stores.

I also tried to register as a seller on Samsung Galaxy Apps but their site is currently rejecting signups. Bizarrely they set somewhat draconian restrictions on passwords… 6-15 alphanumeric characters but their site currently rejects passwords matching this. Sigh, it would be nice to support special characters and why the restriction if the password is stored encrypted…? I’ll just wait and try registering again in a couple of weeks.

Other things I’ve done:

  • Updated the Glossary to CakePHP 2.6.2
  • Started work on RF1 changes for 2015

Bubblision – one month after launch

I can’t believe it’s a month since I released Bubblision – time flies! I’ve had some really good feedback and people seem to be enjoying it. As a month has elapsed I thought it worth sharing some of the stats so far.

Item Stats
Installs 23
Daily Active Users 3.43
Session length (average) 3.8 mins
Session length (max) 13 mins
Retention rate (day 1) 30.43%
Reviews 4
Average rating 5 stars

So, not setting the world alight but I’m still really pleased with it. I’m also really grateful to everyone who reviewed it.

If you’ve not had a chance to play then check it out here:

Get it on Google Play