SunUp #16-40

This week I:

  • Oversteer Racing: fixed the particle issue introduced when upgrading to Unity 5.4.1 (seems like I was working around a bug in 5.3 that was fixed in 5.4.1, so then my workaround stopped)
  • Oversteer Racing: now using the SpriteLamp shader and a normal map to dynamically light the car sprite
  • Oversteer Racing: started work on the damage model for the car
  • Web: updated RF1 to Django 1.8.15

How to: Solve the “Unable to convert classes into dex format” Unity error – the return….

Back in 2014 I blogged about how to solve the “Unable to convert classes into dex format” Unity error.

I thought I’d post a follow up as I had the same error recently but with a slightly different message and cause. The error was:


java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added:

I looked for ExceptionReporter and found it in:


The original error report also said:

Created unique file for imported asset as file exists with different
GUID (Assets/Plugins/Android/MainLibProj/libs/play-games-plugin-support.jar
=> Assets/Plugins/Android/MainLibProj/libs/play-games-plugin-support

When the asset is renamed it causes the problem. However, in the end I found that the problem was caused by these duplicate files:

Assets/Plugins/Android/android-support-v4.jar (ARMv7)
Assets/Plugins/Android/libs/android-support-v4.jar (ARMv7)

So, you can fix the issue by removing one of the files (or choosing a different architecture if that’s appropriate for your project).