This week I’ve mostly:

  • Glossary: upgraded to CakePHP 2.10.7 now that this has been released following a fix to the bug I’d identified and then tested the fix for in 2.10.6
  • Oversteer Racing: I’ve been working on creating a smoother transition when we change the level of drag or rolling resistance on the cars (for example, when getting a ‘tow’ from the car in front or when off the track). I’m quite pleased how this has turned out as it looks nicer but also allows you to carry speed from following a car when moving out to over take it.
  • Oversteer Racing: fixed a bug causing the car not to suffer damage when colliding with the wall around the edge of the circuit.

This week I’ve:

  • Oversteer Racing: more work on the pit stop UI so players can select the changes to make and see how it affects pit stop duration
  • Oversteer Racing: wrote the latest dev blog
  • Glossary: updated to CakePHP 2.9.5
  • RF1: posted a blog post outlining some changes to the rules for 2017
  • RF1: added functionality to add and delete races which will make administering the game easier if a race is cancelled mid-season

I’ve been on holiday this week so haven’t had much time to do anything. However, I…

  • Updated the Glossary from CakePHP 2.6.3 to 2.7.1. This resulted in a few minor changes to remove some deprecated code but seemed fairly painless (so far).

I’m really pleased to announce that Bubblision is now available on SlideMe:

Up until now Bubblision has only been on Google Play but over the next few weeks I hope to add Bubblision to some of the other app stores.

I also tried to register as a seller on Samsung Galaxy Apps but their site is currently rejecting signups. Bizarrely they set somewhat draconian restrictions on passwords… 6-15 alphanumeric characters but their site currently rejects passwords matching this. Sigh, it would be nice to support special characters and why the restriction if the password is stored encrypted…? I’ll just wait and try registering again in a couple of weeks.

Other things I’ve done:

  • Updated the Glossary to CakePHP 2.6.2
  • Started work on RF1 changes for 2015

I didn’t get much time to work on Bubblision this week. However, I did:

  1. Do a test upgrade to Django 1.6.8 for RF1
  2. Start work on migrating the AES Glossary from CakePHP to Django

I’ve decided that there doesn’t seem to be a good reason to carry on using CakePHP for the AES Glossary so I’m planning on migrating this to Django. I’ve some other projects for the AES site and I just can’t face doing them in CakePHP when I know how quickly I could get them done in Django. There’s nothing particularly wrong with CakePHP, it’s just that I know Django a lot better now and prefer to use that (and Python).

Some tasks completed during this sprint:

  • Finished the save/load game functionality
    • Game is saved automatically on pause and on exit
    • When opting to play a game you now get a choice or load a saved game or start again
  • Added a setting screen (moved sound and accessibility settings to it)
  • Added code to improve the accessibility of the game
  • Updated RF1 to support double points at the end of the season (also added an integration test for this)
  • Updated RF1 to Django 1.6.6
  • Updated RF1 to Django 1.6.7
  • Updated Glossary to CakePHP 2.5.4
  • Carried on reading Theory of Fun for Game Design