Web projects

This week I’ve:-

  • Oversteer Racing – more work on obstacle avoidance
  • Oversteer Racing – changed rival car behaviour so they take defensive lines if followed closely
  • Misc- went to a local Python meet-up
  • Misc – started work to replace some of the functionality for the AES
  • Misc – started a Code Club at a local Primary school


This week I’ve:

  • Oversteer Racing: fixed a problem with calculating pit stop time for rival cars related to pit box accuracy
  • Oversteer Racing: fixed an issue that was causing the player UI not to update correctly
  • Oversteer Racing: fixed an issue where rival pit stop duration was calculated incorrectly if fuel was needed
  • Oversteer Racing: fixed an issue where rivals were too eager to stop for fuel
  • Oversteer Racing: wrote the dev blog for July
  • RF1: updated to Django 1.11.15
  • Misc: started reading “The DevOps Handbook”