This week I’ve been pretty busy but I have:

  • RF1 – upgraded dev site to Django 1.11 (LTS)
  • RF1 – upgraded production site to Django 1.11 (LTS)

This has been an important bit of work as I was using the last LTS release (1.8) and this is end of life in April.

This week I’ve:

  • Oversteer Racing: updated code to remove deprecated API references for level loading
  • Oversteer Racing: updated code for the particle system as some of the current code is deprecated
  • Oversteer Racing: written the latest dev blog
  • Glossary: removed AddThis as it cannot be configured not to set cookies any more
  • RF1: set up Bitbucket Pipelines to run automated tests for RF1
  • Misc: switched over my backups to the new EC2 instance
  • Misc: drafted a blog post on testing Django applications using Bitbucket Pipelines