This week I’ve:

  • RF1: Upgraded Django to 1.8.13
  • Oversteer Racing: Reduced the update rate of the UI
  • Oversteer Racing: Updates to change car performance based on tyre grip
  • Oversteer Racing: Started work on particles for smoke and dust
  • Oversteer Racing: Initial work on car engine failures
  • Web: Technical work to help launch the website for my wife’s company

This week I…

  •  Released an alpha version of Bubblision (v1.1) – the main change is that it has added game functionality allowing players to skip the current player bubble colour. I think it makes the game more fun but I’m worried it’ll make it too easy.
  • More work on the responsive redesign for the shop – almost done now!
  • Upgraded RF1 to use Django 1.8
  • Began work on changes to RF1 to use the URL reverser. The intention is that once this work is done I’ll move the site to SSL only.

SunUp #15-14

I don’t feel that the last week has been particularly productive. All I’ve done is carry on working my way through retrofitting a responsive design to the shop. It’s still not finished but I am at least making progress.

SunUp #15-13

This week I started work on applying a responsive design to the AES shop. I don’t think the process is going to be easy or fun. The shop software really is pretty old fashioned in its templating and I’m having to fix some underlying problems in the software’s HTML before tackling the changes needed in my templates.

Later on in the year I’ll review our use of this shop software.