Hi, I’m a web developer, game developer and maker. This site is intended as a way for me to track progress on various projects I’m working on (mainly personal things) and also record any tips and tricks arising from work on those projects. The majority of the projects will be things to do with the web or computer games but I also enjoy making other things so, from time to time, I might include a physical project. This may mean the site is pretty dull for anyone else who is reading it, sorry about that 😉

As these are personal projects I work on them as a 5-9er… that is, when the working day is done I can work on my own things (5pm to 9am). That said, family life and other commitments also call on my time so, in reality, for anything technical I’ll be working on it between 8pm and 1am and any physical projects I work on at the weekend.

$ git push … bed pull

Contact: kieren@kierenpitts.com