SunUp – #21-08

This week I have:

  • RF1 - upgraded to Django 2.2.19
  • Misc - updated my bug tracker to the latest version of MantisBT
  • Misc - went to the local Unreal Developers meet-up

SunUp – #21-07

A busy week but I have week:

  • Misc - updated some content on the development AES Jekyll site

SunUp – #21-06

This week I’ve:

  • RF1 - updated to Django 2.2.18

SunUp – #21-05

It’s been a very busy week and I’ve not worked on any projects but did attend the local Unity meet-up.

SunUp – #21-04

This week I’ve:

  • RF1: updated some of the underlying libraries

SunUp – #21-03

It’s been a very busy week so I’ve not managed to work on any projects.

SunUp – #21-02

This week I have:

  • AES: content updates for 2021
  • AES: updates for journal listings
  • Misc: completed my company accounts
  • Misc: submitted my company tax return

SunUp – #21-01

I’m still on holiday but I have managed to do my tax return.

SunUp – #20-51

It’s been Christmas so I’ve had some time off.