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SunUp #16-40

This week I: Oversteer Racing: fixed the particle issue introduced when upgrading to Unity 5.4.1 (seems like I was working around a bug in 5.3 that was fixed in 5.4.1, so then my workaround stopped) Oversteer Racing: now using the SpriteLamp shader and a normal map to dynamically light the car sprite Oversteer Racing: started work on the damage model for the car Web: updated RF1 to Django 1.8.15 Read on

How to: Solve the “Unable to convert classes into dex format” Unity error – the return….

Back in 2014 I blogged about how to solve the “Unable to convert classes into dex format” Unity error. I thought I’d post a follow up as I had the same error recently but with a slightly different message and cause. The error was: UNEXPECTED TOP-LEVEL EXCEPTION: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added: Lcom/google/android/gms/analytics/ExceptionReporter; I looked for ExceptionReporter and found it in: Assets/Plugins/Android/google-play-services_lib/libs/google-play-services.jar Temp/StagingArea/android-libraries/google-play-services_lib/libs/google-play-services.jar Temp/StagingArea/android-libraries/play-services-analytics-7.5.0/bin/classes.jar The original error report also said: Created unique file for imported asset as file... Read on

SunUp #15-50

Further work on Oversteer 2D. I’m still thinking that 2D physics throughout is now the correct way to proceed. I still need to set up an entirely new BitBucket repo as I don’t want to remove all the work/code from the existing one. I’ll just park the existing repo and start a new one based on my experiments to date. Read on

SunUp #15-47

I’ve been working quite hard on Oversteer this week. For some time I’ve been trying to get the “feel” of the car right and have not only been struggling with the controls but also the physics. Previously I’d assumed that Oversteer would use 2D models but with 3D physics. However, I want to spend some time trying 2D physics instead. In Unity the 2D and 3D physics engines are separate (although the API is quite... Read on

SunUp #15-45

This week I… Updated the Glossary to use CakePHP 2.7.5 Updated RF1 to use Django 1.8.6 Oversteer: Tidied up a bit of code in Oversteer Updated Oversteer to allow us to easily toggle between the PS3 controller and the virtual joystick Tagged test scenery objects Stopped constraining the virtual joystick in a circle as this stops us being able to set full throttle and full turn Lots of tweaks to acceleration and deceleration rates Read on

SunUp #15-33

This week I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research on car physics… and that’s about it 😉 I’ve been reading: Brian Beckman – Physics of Racing Marco Monster – Car physics for games Punyawee Srisuchat – Development of a car physics engine for games Ted Zuvich – Vehicle Dynamics for Racing Games Read on

SunUp #15-32

This week I’ve been working fairly solidly on the car control scripts for Oversteer Racing. At this stage there are three different things I want to try: Moving the car with transform.position and transform.rotation – the downside of this is that it conflicts with the physics engine in Unity. Reading around it seems that, if you want to use physics at all, then it’s best to do everything with physics in Unity. Move the car with... Read on

SunUp #15-27

This week I… Did some 3D modelling for my new game.  I’ve created a pretty quick 3D model for a generic racing car in Blender and it seemed to work out OK… or at least sufficient for my needs (especially as I’ve not used Blender before) Created some normal maps for the 2D models. Tested out the normal maps. Tried generating normal maps from the 3D model. Read on

SunUp #15-24

This week I… Upgraded Bubblision to be a Unity 5 project, this included: New version of EchoLogin Core Framework, GameAnalytics, UnityTestTools I had to change some code to work with the new GameAnalytics Unity SDK only to then find it won’t work with Android until later this month Fixed some display issues Fixed some new bugs to prevent code trying to destroy objects that had been destroyed I had to change the mesh renderer on power-ups as... Read on

Announcing my next game: Oversteer Racing

For a few weeks I’ve been eluding to my next game project and doing a little bit of preliminary work (see: SunUp #15-27, SunUp #15-25 and SunUp #15-23) but I’ve not said much about it. Well, the time has come to provide a few more details I think… Introducing… Oversteer Racing Oversteer Racing will be a top-down racer for mobiles and tablets. The racing will be circuit-based with open-wheeled cars but will be entirely fictional and not based... Read on

How to: Solve the “Unable to convert classes into dex format” Unity error

I recently came across the following error when trying to build my game in Unity “Unable to convert classes into dex format. See the Console for details.” The console error is pretty long but starts with: Error building Player: CommandInvokationFailure: Unable to convert classes into dex format. See the Console for details. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_38\bin\java.exe -Xmx1024M"E:/adt-bundle-windows-x86-20131030/sdk\tools" -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 -jar "E:/unity/Editor/Data/BuildTargetTools/AndroidPlayer\sdktools.jar" - stderr[ UNEXPECTED TOP-LEVEL EXCEPTION: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added: Lcom/google/android/gms/common/internal/safeparcel/a; at at at at... Read on

Bubblision – Sprint 25 complete & SunUp #14-37

Probably the biggest achievement this sprint was to show the latest build of the game at the Unity meet-up. I had to do a web-player build but the demo seemed to go ok… well, no-one laughed… so I’ll count that as a success. I got some good feedback regarding making the game more testing when only one NPC bubble is in play and some other helpful comments (including on the changes I’d made to improve... Read on

SunUp #14-36

Some of the things I did this week: Added trails to NPC bubbles at higher colour streaks Signed up to AdMob Did a Web build of the game so I could show it at the Unity Meet-up tomorrow…. eek Finished reading Theory of Fun for Game Design (3/5) Read on

SunUp #14-25

Some of the things I did this week: Finally created some integration tests for Bubblision. I’ve only done two so far but it’s a start. Went along to the monthly Unity meet-up – a talk on editor extensions. Great talk and an excellent night. Did a test upgrade of the Glossary to CakePHP 2.5.2 (from 2.5.1) Prepared test fixtures for the Identifier tool prior to attempting to upgrade it from the CakePHP 1.3.x branch to... Read on

SunUp #14-21

Had a pretty busy week so only completed a couple of tasks this week: Went to the Unity meet-up and heard a good talk on Shaders Did a bit more research on business banking Created a logo for my company that I’m fairly pleased with… I’m going to review it in a week or so and see if I’m still pleased with it. Read on

SunUp #14-17

Things I’ve done this week (it’s been a busy one): Went to the Bristol Games Hub Unity Meet-up – really interesting talks and demos. Looking forward to more regular meet-ups. Went to the Bristol Games Hub and Full Indie UK showcase evening – some great games on show. I enjoyed the evening but left feeling a bit demoralised as the games in the showcase were all a lot better than Bubblision. I’d like to be... Read on

Bubblision – Sprint 12 complete & SunUp #14-12

In the last sprint I completed: Stop new bubbles overlapping Made re-instantiated bubbles faster Stopped the ‘slow down’ power-up being shown when only one bubble remains Cleared power-ups when the last bubble has burst (i.e. end of the game) Tweaked the text colour used in the ‘end game’ screen Read the Unity documentation on testing Play testing A few other things I did: Did some analysis on link profiles and thin content (SEO) for one... Read on

Unity – duplicate objects

If you’re a regular reader then you might’ve noticed that I’ve been struggling to fix an annoying bug in Bubblision for a couple of sprints. Initially the bug manifested itself as a graphical glitch where the two particle systems that are used when the player bubble hits an NPC bubble were played at the same time. Collisions would occasionally produce particles of two different colours. Later on I realised that occasionally I’d also get collisions... Read on