Archive of posts from January 2018

SunUp – #18-04

This week I’ve mostly: Glossary: upgraded to CakePHP 2.10.7 now that this has been released following a fix to the bug I’d identified and then tested the fix for in 2.10.6 Oversteer Racing: I’ve been working on creating a smoother transition when we change the level of drag or rolling resistance on the cars (for example, when getting a ‘tow’ from the car in front or when off the track). I’m quite pleased how this... Read on

Goals for 2018

My goals for 2018 are: Reach a minimum of “beta” status with Oversteer Racing Do at least three #screenshotsaturdays Set aside some dedicated time each week to work on my own projects Read 10 books Tweet at least 15 times about Oversteer Racing Make a kit… mainly because I haven’t made one for almost 30 years and I fancy making one Read on

2017 Review

Back in January 2017 I set some goals for myself for the coming year… it’s now time to see how I did: Reach a minimum of “Beta” status with my next game (or better ;-)) and get it out to my playtesters – FAIL, huge FAIL, I’m nowhere near BETA status Do at least two #screenshotsaturday’s again – I managed one (22/04/2017) so PARTIAL Find more time to work on my own projects – PARTIAL Be... Read on