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SunUp – #20-06

This week I’ve: RF1 – upgraded to Django 1.11.28 RF1 – carried on the update work for Django 2.2.x RF1 – debugged a false negative in my test suite that only occurs in a Bitbucket pipeline (appears to be an issue with Bitbucket and not the test suite) Read on

SunUp – #19-08

This time of year I tend to be very focused on RF1 so I’ve largely been working on that: RF1 – Added SSL to the test site RF1 – Redeployed the test site using Python 3.6 and virtualenv RF1 – Created a monitoring page and changed monitoring to point to new page RF1 – Redeployed the production site using Python 3.6 and virtualenv RF1 – switched to using pip-compile for requirements.txt Read on

SunUp – #19-07

This week I’ve: RF1 – upgraded to Django 1.11.20 RF1 – completed work to allow the application to run using Python 3 instead of Python 2.7 RF1 – looked into using virtualenv in production RF1 – updated the code to use a year specific value for the cost of a team change Misc – set up monitoring Read on

SunUp – #18-06

This week I’ve:- RF1: a few minor changes following the upgrade to Django 1.11 Oversteer Racing: started work on race strategy for AI cars. Specifically, when the AI cars choose to pit. Oversteer Racing: improved the look of the game by adjusting the graphical settings within Unity. Oversteer Racing: produced a #screenshotsaturday Web: finished uploading details of the AES publications from 2017 Read on

SunUp – #18-05

This week I’ve been pretty busy but I have: RF1 – upgraded dev site to Django 1.11 (LTS) RF1 – upgraded production site to Django 1.11 (LTS) This has been an important bit of work as I was using the last LTS release (1.8) and this is end of life in April. Read on

Testing Django applications with Bitbucket Pipelines and MySQL

If you’re a Bitbucket user then you probably already know about Bitbucket Pipelines. If you’ve not heard of Bitbucket Pipelines then they are Bitbucket’s continuous delivery mechanism. They allow you to run commands, on a new commit for example, to run tests and then deploy your code to production (if you want). I’ve been using Jenkins for a while but wanted to try out Pipelines on one of my Django projects. Specifically I wanted to... Read on