SunUp #15-30

I’ve been on holiday this week so haven’t had much time to do anything. However, I…

  • Updated the Glossary from CakePHP 2.6.3 to 2.7.1. This resulted in a few minor changes to remove some deprecated code but seemed fairly painless (so far).

SunUp #15-29

I’ve not managed to find much time to do anything except work this week. This is mainly because I’m on holiday from work next week and so have a few things I want to finish off before then. I did do a little bit of planning for my new game but that was it.

SunUp #15-27

This week I…

  • Did some 3D modelling for my new game.  I’ve created a pretty quick 3D model for a generic racing car in Blender and it seemed to work out OK… or at least sufficient for my needs (especially as I’ve not used Blender before)
    Screenshot of 3D car model
  • Created some normal maps for the 2D models.
    Example car normal map 1 Example car normal map 2
  • Tested out the normal maps.
  • Tried generating normal maps from the 3D model.