SunUp #14-38

To be honest it’s been an absolutely rubbish week and, due to a number of other things, I’ve not really felt like doing much on Bubblision.

That said, I did implement a fix for the over-lapping bug and I’m hoping this solves the issue. Basically I’ve had to give up with better ways of improving how we detect collisions (this didn’t appear to be a problem anyway) and have taken a more direct approach to stopping NPC bubbles from over-lapping. So, when a collision is detected I nudge the two NPC bubbles apart so they are no longer considered touching – they then move apart on their own. I’m hoping that’s the end of this particular bug.

Bubblision – Sprint 25 complete & SunUp #14-37

Probably the biggest achievement this sprint was to show the latest build of the game at the Unity meet-up. I had to do a web-player build but the demo seemed to go ok… well, no-one laughed… so I’ll count that as a success. I got some good feedback regarding making the game more testing when only one NPC bubble is in play and some other helpful comments (including on the changes I’d made to improve the accessibility of the game). Unfortunately I don’t think I did a great job of explaining the game and the over-lapping bug returned during the demo (which was really annoying and clearly I need to have a good think about how to fix this once and for all).

Some tasks completed during this sprint:

  • Added trails to NPC bubbles at higher colour streaks
  • Signed up to AdMob
  • Stopped the final NPC bubble moving erratically and speed it up instead. This makes the behaviou more predictable but still more challenging.

Bubblision – Sprint 24 complete & SunUp #14-35

Some tasks completed during this sprint:

  • Finished the save/load game functionality
    • Game is saved automatically on pause and on exit
    • When opting to play a game you now get a choice or load a saved game or start again
  • Added a setting screen (moved sound and accessibility settings to it)
  • Added code to improve the accessibility of the game
  • Updated RF1 to support double points at the end of the season (also added an integration test for this)
  • Updated RF1 to Django 1.6.6
  • Updated RF1 to Django 1.6.7
  • Updated Glossary to CakePHP 2.5.4
  • Carried on reading Theory of Fun for Game Design