SunUp #14-21

Had a pretty busy week so only completed a couple of tasks this week:

  • Went to the Unity meet-up and heard a good talk on Shaders
  • Did a bit more research on business banking
  • Created a logo for my company that I’m fairly pleased with… I’m going to review it in a week or so and see if I’m still pleased with it.

One year up

Wow, I can’t believe it’s a year since the first post on my blog. I feel like I should mark the occasion with some nostalgia laden review… Unfortunately I’m not very good at those so the best we can hope for is a vaguely coherent brain dump of the (larger) things I’ve done in the form of a bulleted list:

  1. Posted more than 70 times
  2. Learned a new programming language C#
  3. Begun to get to grips with Unity
  4. Started a company (albeit only last week)
  5. Learned a lot about mobile development
  6. Become a regular attendee at socials and meet-ups at the Bristol Games Hub
  7. Read a lot about games development (both online and in print)
  8. Adopted a reasonably agile way of working on my various projects (it works for me anyway)
  9. Got a lot better at Test Driven and Test Supported Development
  10. Improved the quality and/or development infrastructure for a lot of my side projects.

Bubblision – Sprint 16 complete & SunUp #14-20

A few other things have conspired to take up my free time recently so I barely accomplished anything on Bubblision during this sprint:

  • Updated GameAnalytics to version 0.6.2
  • Updated EveryPlay to version
  • Did some play testing

A few other things I did:

  • Upgraded RF1 to Django 1.6.5
  • Set up a company 🙂 Waiting for a letter from HMRC to register the accounting start date but the company is officially registered and I’ve had the certificate from Companies House
  • Got my crayons out and sketched a few ideas for the company logo
  • Finished The Making of Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner – 5/5

SunUp #14-19

Some tasks I’ve completed this week:

  • Upgraded the shop software so it supports PHP 5.4. Helpfully my host produced a zip of the changed files which I could compare with my own changed versions of the files so I could be sure I’d applied the same changes. I’m still stunned that the ZenCart devs haven’t provided an interim release of ZenCart that’s compatible with PHP 5.4.
  • Made some code changes to RF1 so it supports data from the Ergast API
  • Did a bit more research on company setup
  • Read more of The Making of Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner

Bubblision – Sprint 15 complete & SunUp #14-18

During this sprint I managed to finish a few things on Bubblision:

  • Fixed the jerky motion issue – turned out the problem was my use of FixedUpdate. FixedUpdate updates the display on a fixed time interval which is all well and good except if the FixedUpdate is out of sync with the visual update on the device. If the two are out of sync then the result is jerky motion. The solution is to switch back to using Update instead of FixedUpdate (the latter being better for complex physics rather than simple transformations).
  • Implemented EveryPlay (now part of Unity) which allows players to take game play videos. This solves the irritatingly hard issues of recording videos of game play and was previously requiring me to do a Linux build of the game and capture the game play there (it being needlessly difficult to do this on Windows). With the absence of Unity on Linux the next best thing is EveryPlay which works like a charm (see below) once I’d installed the JDK and fixed my path to the javac. The great thing about EveryPlay is it captures video direct from the phone.
  • Changed the shaders I’m using to more mobile friendly ones
  • Did some play testing

Latest game play video, as captured by EveryPlay:

A few other things I did:

  • Upgraded RF1 to Django 1.6.4
  • Migrated changes to the ZenCart code to the shop code, not deployed yet.
  • Did further investigations into company setup and the best structures etc.
  • Gave a really short talk on my Amazon EC2 experiences at work.
  • Read more of The Making of Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner