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I didn’t get much time to work on Bubblision this week. However, I did:

  1. Do a test upgrade to Django 1.6.8 for RF1
  2. Start work on migrating the AES Glossary from CakePHP to Django

I’ve decided that there doesn’t seem to be a good reason to carry on using CakePHP for the AES Glossary so I’m planning on migrating this to Django. I’ve some other projects for the AES site and I just can’t face doing them in CakePHP when I know how quickly I could get them done in Django. There’s nothing particularly wrong with CakePHP, it’s just that I know Django a lot better now and prefer to use that (and Python).

Having had no time to work on the game last week I managed to find some time this week. I’ve also come across a couple of tricky bugs which, having solved, I’ll blog about separately (when I find the time).

Some tasks completed during this sprint:

  • Added ads from AdMob to the game
  • Configured test ads for my devices
  • Made some design changes to the various game screens

Update: now blogged about one bug: How to: Solve the “Unable to convert classes into dex format” Unity error

I recently came across the following error when trying to build my game in Unity “Unable to convert classes into dex format. See the Console for details.”

Unity error dialog stating: Unable to convert classes into dex format. See the Console for details.

The console error is pretty long but starts with:

After a bit of digging I found this: Multiple plugin conflict

The answer does a really good job of explaining the issue, essentially you have two classes named the same. In most cases this is because you’ve more than one copy of the same JAR file in your build. I did a quick search of ‘*.jar’ and looked for duplicates. In my case I had:

Having deleted one copy I could then re-run the build successfully.

SunUp #14-40

It’s fair to say that I’ve not managed to do any work on Bubblision over the last week. I’ve had a number of other things on and it’s just been one of those weeks.

Well, this is something of a milestone as I’ve now been working on Bubblision for over a year. It’s quite surprising that I’ve been working on this fairly simple game for that length of time but, in reality, my time-sheet shows I’ve put in a total of 150 hrs (or 12.5 hrs a month) on the game. The truth is that with so many other commitments it’s difficult to find a lot of time to work on the game.

Some tasks completed during this sprint:

  • Fixed the over-lapping bug
  • Started implementing ads