Bubblision – Sprint 23 complete & SunUp #14-33

Some tasks completed during this sprint:

Unfortunately I couldn’t make the Unity Meet-up this month (something came up at the last minute) but I did give a ‘code club’ on Unity at work… which seemed to go OK.

Bubblision – Sprint 23 start

Sprint stories

My priorities for this sprint are:-

  1. Solve bubble overlapping bug
  2. Add a settings screen
  3. Improve accessibility
  4. Add save game functionality
  5. Write some more tests

Other things:-

  1. Sign up for an ad network

Expected duration

Two weeks (ending 24/08/2014)

Extra notes

I’m hoping to demo the latest build of the game at the next Unity group meet-up and I’m also doing a “code club” on Unity at work at the end of this sprint… so the pressure is on a bit. I’m most nervous about the meet-up as it’ll be the first time other game developers see the game.