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Unity – game engine review

Programming language: C#, UnityScript, Boo Official site: Having looked at Unity I was initially under the impression that it was far more complex than I’d ever need and was not really suited to the 2D games I want to make. It was also quite expensive. However, a change in pricing (a free basic version that amongst other things allows builds to Android and iOS) and me doing some wider reading of tutorials and articles from... Read on

Monkey – game engine review

Programming language: Monkey Code Official site: Monkey looks good and I know someone else using it. The demo version of Monkey is free but only the paid version ($99 one-off fee) has support for Android and iOS deployment. Code is written in Monkey Code and then compiled to Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, and ActionScript. There’s no native IAP support but there are other third party plugins that provide IAP support. One great thing about Monkey... Read on

Marmalade SDK – game engine review

Programming language: C++ and Lua (using Marmalade Quick) Official site: I spent some considerable time looking at Marmalade and reading through the ‘Marmalade SDK Mobile Game Development Essentials‘  book. Marmalade looks like it would comfortably do what I need as it can be used to do 2D or 3D content. There is a 30 day free trial and the licencing is such that the basic annual fee would be £150. There is some support for... Read on

Gideros Mobile – game engine review

Programming language: Lua Official site: Gideros is superficially similar to Corona but has its own built in editor. There is a free version and Gideros also allows you to import your own plugins. I could publish to Android or iOS using the free version but, at the time of writing, Gideros has no IAP support for Android and it’s not clear when this functionality will be added. Gideros doesn’t rely on a hosted solution to... Read on

Corona SDK – game engine review

Programming language: Lua Official site: There’s lots of things to like about Corona and it’s quite similar in feel to Flash (which I used to create some games previously). The community also seems very good and responsive. There is a free version but in order to support IAPs I’d need a minimum of the Pro version. However, my main concern with Corona is the reliance on Corona’s server to package up your game. Unless you... Read on

Game engine review

Recently I’ve been keen to do more games development. It’s something I really enjoy, having written a few Flash games in the past, but not something I get to do at work. With work a little uncertain at the moment it’s also a good time to add to my skills etc and have a bit of fun. Having decided I wanted to get back into games development and specifically mobile gaming on iOS and Android... Read on