Archive of posts from November 2013

SunUp #8

The last week has been pretty busy at home but I still managed to get a reasonable amount done on Bubblision: Player bubble burst particles Player bubble burst and reinstate Instantiate NPC bubbles at run time Detect touch position based on game area and not pixel dimensions Did a test Android build and checked tap detection Other things I did: It’s the end of the F1 season so I did a number of things to... Read on

Bubblision – Sprint 3 complete & SunUp #7

Well, I have to say that I didn’t think I’d complete all the tasks I’d allocated to this sprint. The tasks themselves were a bit tricky and on top of that a combination of people visiting us, the kids having colds and me having to do some unexpected work on another project meant I didn’t have much time to devote to this sprint. That said, I managed to complete the tasks and I’m pleased with... Read on

Shared hosting and why your backups might be useless

Part of the reason why I’ve not achieved as much as I’d hoped this week is that the web server that hosts another project I look after had a hardware failure. It’s shared hosting with Dreamhost and they attempted to recover the site from their backups. This is really frustrating for a number of reasons: Their backups are three days old and I’ve got daily backups so mine are much newer (they tell users not... Read on

SunUp #6

For a variety of reasons I’ve not had as much time to devote to my game project as I’d hoped this week. As a result I’m a bit behind where I’d like to be in terms of the current sprint. That said, I still managed to complete a couple of tasks: The non-player bubbles now burst (albeit the particles still needing a lot of work) and are removed from the game area if they reach... Read on

Bubblision – Sprint 2 complete & SunUp #5

It’s the end of Sprint 2 for Bubblision and I’ve completed all the tasks and fixed a few early bugs. One of the major tasks this time was to do the first Android build and seeing the first dev build on my phone (even though it’s not playable) was a big milestone. Set up Pivotal Tracker Adjusted game area NPC bubble collisions Background art work First Android build Stop NPC bubbles getting stuck at the... Read on