Bubblision – Sprint 9 start

Sprint stories

  1. Fix duplicate player bubble bug
  2. Give new bubbles an average speed rather than starting them at the slowest speed
  3. Add ability to pause the game
  4. Install NGUI (a library to help with the in game GUI)
  5. Create the designs and artwork for the remaining scenes
  6. Code tidy up 😉

Expected duration

Two weeks (ending 09/02/2014)

Bubblision – Sprint 8 complete & SunUp #14-04

After a slow start I managed to get a few things done during this sprint. I’ve still been unable to fix the duplicate player bubble issue and this will have to roll over to the next sprint. I’ve a few things left to try, including a rewrite of the code, as a lot of the other things I’ve tried haven’t worked. To date I’ve tried making the player bubble a singleton, trying to detect and remove duplicates and also adding code to detect if the player bubble was destroyed/created and stopping the creation of a second. So far the problem still happens (albeit very occasionally) but I’ll focus on it in the next sprint.

Tasks completed this sprint:

  1. Adjusted size of the collider on the NPC bubbles – this makes for more realistic and predictable collisions
  2. Adjusted the point at which the NPC bubbles burst on spikes as this could cause odd behaviour with the release of the player bubble
  3. Added a particle system for collisions between the player bubble and power-ups
  4. Added code to detect collisions between player bubble and power-ups and added code to:-
    • Slow down all NPC bubbles
    • Increment a score multiplier
    • Recreate a previously burst NPC bubble
  5. Created an app icon

If you’re interested the app icon I’ve come up with as follows. I’ll see how this goes but I’m pretty happy with it at the moment.
Bubblision icon

SunUp #14-04

SunUp #14-03

I’ve still got a fair few things going on so I’ve not got as much done as I’d hoped… Perhaps this will be the trend for the first part of 2014 as the F1 season is just around the corner so I’ll need to start working on RF1.

This week I’ve started the following tasks but not completed any:

  • Player bubble collision with power-ups
  • Fix duplicate player bubble bug

Other tasks I’ve completed:

  • Updated the Glossary to use CakePHP 2.4.4
  • Updated Bubblision to use GameAnalytics SDK 0.5.7

Goals for 2014

I’ll be honest, I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions… it’s not that I pick things I can’t achieve it’s just that I forget what they are and carry on regardless so the resolutions become meaningless. I also never review them the following year and work out how well I did.

So, this year I’m going to try setting some goals (not resolutions) and, at the end of the year, I’ll review them and give myself a score based on how many I completed. My aim is to have things that can be classed as done/not done rather than more ambiguous desires.

  1. Start a company
  2. Ship my first game
  3. Do at least one #screenshotsaturday
  4. Rationalise my side projects – specifically:-
    • Reduce the number of web sites I look after
    • Reduce the number of committee roles I hold

Edit: How did I do?

Bubblision – Sprint 7 complete & SunUp #14-02

I didn’t have as much time to work on my projects as I’d hoped during this sprint. The sprint overlapped with the New Year and also me needing to mark some of my students’ assignments. As a result I probably had only half the time I usually have during a sprint and so I finished fewer tasks.

Tasks completed this sprint:

  1. Fixed a bug which led to the score increasing if the player bubble burst on the spikes
  2. Randomly show power-ups to the player
  3. Added a “slow down” method to the NPC bubbles

SunUp #14-02

  • Carried on reading Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Design
  • Had a number of interesting discussions with Dreamhost regarding whether keeping rolling 29 day backups of the MySQL databases supporting sites I host with them on their servers broke their AUP… To be honest I don’t really want to dwell on this other than to say that I think Web developers have a responsibility to keep backups of their sites. Hosting companies don’t (usually) share that responsibility and that’s absolutely fine. However, I do think hosting companies should make it straightforward for customers to create automated backups in a managed and responsible way. I don’t think customers wanting to keep rolling (small) backups on the host’s server before they are copied to a remote location is unreasonable. When my hosting is up for renewal I’ll be looking for a host that shares this view.

SunUp #14-01

Welcome to the first SunUp of 2014. As you  might expect, it’s been a busy few weeks as we’ve been visiting relatives over the festive season and so I’ve not got as much done as I’d hoped. It was fun though.

I’ve decided to change the numbering of the SunUp. As this is an ongoing thing I thought it would be useful to be able to look at the SunUp number and work out what year it was from. As luck would have it the first SunUp of 2014 is number 14 so I’m going to start the year with 14-01, the next one will be 14-02 and so on. I’ll possibly go back and add a 13- prefix to the ones from last year.

So far I’ve done the following Bubblision sprint tasks:

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the score incrementing when the player bubble hit the spikes

Other tasks:

  • Marking my students’ work 😉
  • Reading more of “Level Up!”
  • Updated various websites for the New Year

I’ve a few other commitments next week, not least wanting to finish my marking, so I’m not sure how many of my Sprint tasks I’ll get done.