Archive of posts from February 2016

SunUp #16-09

This week I’ve: RF1: Updated the site to use more HTML5 elements RF1: Bought an SSL certificate and moved the site to https RF1: Created a responsive design to allow the site to work better on mobiles and tablets RF1: Updated some database fields that are deprecated in Django 1.9 RF1: Removed references and functionality for reactivating old (pre 2012) accounts Read on

SunUp #16-08

This week I’ve: Oversteer Racing: Fixed a bug detecting the movement of the car around the circuit Oversteer Racing: Tidied up scripts that are no longer used Oversteer Racing: Added new/temporary UI elements for showing position, lap number, best lap and last lap Oversteer Racing: Moved start/finish line to coincide with track texture Presentation: presented my ‘work to date’ on Oversteer Racing at the local Unity Meetup group Read on

SunUp #16-07

This week I’ve: Oversteer Racing: Created a “race director” to manage telemetry data from cars and to store data related to the racing (best laps/sectors, what cars are on track and so on) Oversteer Racing: Written code to count laps and check cars perform a full lap Oversteer Racing: Added colliders to run-off areas and gravel traps etc Oversteer Racing: Reduced car speed when in gravel and run-offs Oversteer Racing: Added a new track texture... Read on

SunUp #16-06

This week I’ve: Web: Launched the landing page for my wife’s new company RF1: Upgraded RF1 to Django 1.8.9 Web: Moved some of my sites to use SSL (including this one) Oversteer Racing: Did a bit of house keeping on the Pivotal Tracker board for Oversteer Racing Oversteer Racing: Initial work on the fuel system Oversteer Racing: Initial work on track limits Oversteer Racing: Added messaging and callback system to help track cars Read on