SunUp #15-24

This week I…

  • Upgraded Bubblision to be a Unity 5 project, this included:
    • New version of EchoLogin Core Framework, GameAnalytics, UnityTestTools
    • I had to change some code to work with the new GameAnalytics Unity SDK only to then find it won’t work with Android until later this month
    • Fixed some display issues
    • Fixed some new bugs to prevent code trying to destroy objects that had been destroyed
    • I had to change the mesh renderer on power-ups as mesh collider can no longer be a trigger unless it’s convex. Making it convex seemed overkill so I swapped it for a box collider as this works fine and probably gives better performance.

Announcing my next game: Oversteer Racing

For a few weeks I’ve been eluding to my next game project and doing a little bit of preliminary work (see: SunUp #15-27, SunUp #15-25 and SunUp #15-23) but I’ve not said much about it. Well, the time has come to provide a few more details I think…

Introducing… Oversteer Racing

Oversteer Racing will be a top-down racer for mobiles and tablets. The racing will be circuit-based with open-wheeled cars but will be entirely fictional and not based on any particular racing series (i.e. not based on F1, GP2, IndyCart etc). If you’re old enough think Super Sprint, Super Cars and Super Cars II but with the emphasis on the racing and the strategy rather than power-ups and weapons. I’d also like to include a few features that you might expect from a more serious simulation rather than a traditional top-down racing game.

I can’t say when the game will be released, afterall this is all work done in my spare time, but I will update the blog (category: Oversteer Racing) with my progress.