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SunUp #15-47

I’ve been working quite hard on Oversteer this week. For some time I’ve been trying to get the “feel” of the car right and have not only been struggling with the controls but also the physics. Previously I’d assumed that Oversteer would use 2D models but with 3D physics. However, I want to spend some time trying 2D physics instead. In Unity the 2D and 3D physics engines are separate (although the API is quite... Read on

SunUp #15-45

This week I… Updated the Glossary to use CakePHP 2.7.5 Updated RF1 to use Django 1.8.6 Oversteer: Tidied up a bit of code in Oversteer Updated Oversteer to allow us to easily toggle between the PS3 controller and the virtual joystick Tagged test scenery objects Stopped constraining the virtual joystick in a circle as this stops us being able to set full throttle and full turn Lots of tweaks to acceleration and deceleration rates Read on