Archive of posts from February 2018

SunUp – #18-07

This week I’ve:- Oversteer Racing: added extra car sensors to improve the driving of the AI cars and make them more aware of cars near them Oversteer Racing: fixed a bug with the lap counter Oversteer Racing: fixed a bug in the “race director” that meant the player car didn’t always register laps completed Misc: updated MantisBT to 2.11.1 Read on

SunUp – #18-06

This week I’ve:- RF1: a few minor changes following the upgrade to Django 1.11 Oversteer Racing: started work on race strategy for AI cars. Specifically, when the AI cars choose to pit. Oversteer Racing: improved the look of the game by adjusting the graphical settings within Unity. Oversteer Racing: produced a #screenshotsaturday Web: finished uploading details of the AES publications from 2017 Read on

SunUp – #18-05

This week I’ve been pretty busy but I have: RF1 – upgraded dev site to Django 1.11 (LTS) RF1 – upgraded production site to Django 1.11 (LTS) This has been an important bit of work as I was using the last LTS release (1.8) and this is end of life in April. Read on