SunUp #17-05

This week I’ve:

  • Oversteer Racing: more work on the pit stop UI so players can select the changes to make and see how it affects pit stop duration
  • Oversteer Racing: wrote the latest dev blog
  • Glossary: updated to CakePHP 2.9.5
  • RF1: posted a blog post outlining some changes to the rules for 2017
  • RF1: added functionality to add and delete races which will make administering the game easier if a race is cancelled mid-season

SunUp #17-04

This week I’ve:

  • Oversteer Racing: added opposition skill and advanced handling settings to settings form
  • Oversteer Racing: fixed a bug that meant that reversing in gravel was faster than driving forwards
  • Oversteer Racing: started work on a function to calculate pit stop time based on what the player requests (i.e. if damage is fixed, whether tyres are changed and how much fuel is required)
  • RF1: drafted a blog post on rule changes for the new season
  • Misc: went to the monthly Unity meetup, the talk was on optimisation for VR

SunUp #17-03

This week I’ve:

  • Oversteer Racing: worked on the settings form
  • Oversteer Racing: created a settings manager to control the settings throughout the game
  • Oversteer Racing: linked the settings manager with the test race so we can double-check the effect of the player settings
  • RF1: reviewed the work needed to better handle cancelled races
  • Misc: started researching the best setup to replace my current EC2 backup setup (I’m still intending to keep it in EC2 though)

Goals for 2017

My goals for 2017 are as follows:

  1. Reach a minimum of “Beta” status with my next game (or better ;-)) and get it out to my playtesters
  2. Do at least two #screenshotsaturday’s again
  3. Find more time to work on my own projects
  4. Be happier at work – at this time I don’t know what this means but I’ve not been happy at work for a while and I need to address this…. somehow.

2016 Review

Well, it’s hard to put a positive spin on many things in 2016… I’m still reeling from the Brexit and Trump votes 🙁

  1. Reach either “first playable” or “Beta” status with my next game (or better ;-)) – FAIL (I’ve done a fair amount but no escaping this as a fail)
  2. Do at least two #screenshotsaturday’s – DONE 30/07/2016 and 29/10/2016
  3. Do at least one presentation/talk about my games – DONE 17/02/2016
  4. Find more time to work on my own projects – PARTIAL
    • I’ve reduced some external commitments and improved my organisational skills by using Todoist.

Score: 2.5/4 – not bad…

So, an OK year then and a bit better than 2015. However, the lack of time is still a concern and definitely an issue for the coming year.

SunUp #17-01

There’s lots going on at the moment as it’s the festive period so I’ve not had much time to work on things. That said I did:

  • Oversteer Racing: updated the I2 Localization plug-in
  • Oversteer Racing: added some notes to the wiki to make syncing the Google sheet of translations with the game easier in future
  • Oversteer Racing: did some work on the draft UI
  • Oversteer Racing: added a lot more tasks to Pivotal and set a beta release point
  • Misc: updated my annual zeitgeist