Archive of posts from February 2019

SunUp – #19-08

This time of year I tend to be very focused on RF1 so I’ve largely been working on that: RF1 – Added SSL to the test site RF1 – Redeployed the test site using Python 3.6 and virtualenv RF1 – Created a monitoring page and changed monitoring to point to new page RF1 – Redeployed the production site using Python 3.6 and virtualenv RF1 – switched to using pip-compile for requirements.txt Read on

SunUp – #19-07

This week I’ve: RF1 – upgraded to Django 1.11.20 RF1 – completed work to allow the application to run using Python 3 instead of Python 2.7 RF1 – looked into using virtualenv in production RF1 – updated the code to use a year specific value for the cost of a team change Misc – set up monitoring Read on