SunUp #15-04

Another busy week but I did begin working on a shop upgrade to the latest version of ZenCart (which was released on the 31st December). I don’t really enjoy upgrading ZenCart and you know you’re in for a rough time when the documentation states that its upgrade process “isn’t wrong, it’s just different”.

Goals for 2015

Following on from setting goals for 2014, I’m going to try and do the same again this year.

So, my goals for 2015 are as follows:

  1. Get Bubblision in at least one other Android store
  2. Create a Bubblision build for iOS
  3. Get an early, but playable, build of my next game
  4. Do at least one #screenshotsaturday (carried over from 2014)
  5. Reduce the number of web sites I look after

2014 Review

At the beginning of 2014 I blogged a list of goals for the coming year. As a year has passed it’s time to review how well I did.

Goals for 2014 and how well I did

  1. Start a company – DONE 14/05/2014
  2. Ship my first game – DONE 02/01/2015 ( technically two days late but I’m counting that as a success)
  3. Do at least one #screenshotsaturday – FAIL
  4. Rationalise my side projects – specifically:-
    • Reduce the number of web sites I look after – PARTIAL (I’ve reduced the number and made some sites static to limit the overhead)
    • Reduce the number of committee roles I hold – DONE (I’ve left one committee and dropped one of my two officer roles on another. Importantly I’ve also avoided volunteering for anything else.)

Score: 3.5/5

I’m reasonably pleased with that 🙂

Bubblision development statistics

As Bubblision has now been released I thought I’d share some of the statistics I’ve been keeping throughout the project.

As I’ve been using the game to learn how to use Unity and also been working in my spare time the timescales are not indicative of how long it takes to develop this sort of game (unless you’re in a similar situation…).


Milestone Date Hours spent
Project start 10/07/2013
First Alpha 13/11/2014 (491 days) 169
First Release 02/01/2015 (541 days) 202

Average time spent on the project per week: 2.6 hrs.

Time breakdown

A breakdown of the time spent on each task.

Task Hours Percentage
Analytics 4.25 2.1%
App store setup 3.5 1.7%
Artwork – backgrounds 2.95 1.5%
Artwork – objects 2D 9.75 4.8%
Artwork – objects 3D 2.25 1.1%
Audio – game sound 3 1.5%
Bug fixing 19 9.4%
Development – Code 97.8 48.4%
Development – UI 19.5 9.7%
Third-party setup 19.5 9.7%
Other (documentation, testing etc) 20.55 10.2%

Although the above gives a breakdown of how the time has been spent on the project I think it masks some areas. For example, a lot of testing is done while developing and not just as formal testing (in the “Other” section).

Anyway, might be interesting to someone, might not…

We’ll see if this breakdown changes on my next project.