SunUp #4

  • Set up Pivotal Tracker for Bubblision
  • Added all Bubblision stories to Pivotal Tracker and ordered the majority in the Back log
    • “Nice to have” stories added to the Ice box
    • Set release markers for first Beta version and final release
  • Made read-only Pivotal Tracker dashboard for Bubblision publicly accessible:
    • Default view shows the stories in the “current” sprint and the “back log” but you can access the “Done” and “Ice box” lists too
    • The current velocity is shown too (although I’m only half way through my second sprint so the velocity estimate might not be too accurate just yet)
  • Fixed a couple of early bugs in Bubblision
  • Did some investigation into how to cope with different screen resolutions in Unity
  • Implemented collisions between NPC bubbles in Bubblision
  • Work on migrating the Glossary project to CakePHP 2.4
  • Started creating some fixtures to allow unit/integration testing on the Identifier application

Bubblision – Sprint 2 start

Sprint stories

  1. Set up Pivotal Tracker to keep track of all the sprints, stories, back log and ice box etc.
  2. Set collisions on NPC bubbles
  3. Configure the screen limits
  4. Create background artwork
  5. Set up video capture
  6. Upload game progress video
  7. First Android build

Expected duration

Two weeks (ending 04/11/2013)

At the end of the first sprint I decided to reduce the sprint time from three weeks to two weeks.

Bubblision – Sprint 1 complete

Sprint stories review

  1. Set up Git repo
  2. Create Unity project and configure it to use Git
  3. Create game design document/summary
  4. Basic screens/menus
  5. Movement of NPCs – currently just moving around a bounding box. The bubbles bounce off the walls but not each other

Additional stories:

  1. Set up Google Docs spreadsheet and data collection form to keep track of time spent on various tasks
  2. Added a glow (light) to each of the bubbles
  3. Randomly switched bubble lights on and off during play
  4. Created particle system for bursting bubbles
  5. Wrote up some potential ideas for backgrounds
  6. Looked into screen capture software for Windows


I’m ending the sprint early (just by a few days) as I’ve completed all the tasks I set out to do and also did a few other additional things.

I’m also going to reduce my sprints to two weeks (rather than three) just to keep things a bit lighter in terms of the story list.

SunUp #3

  • Went to Bristol Games Hub and SW Mobile meetup:
    • Talk from Natalie at Press Space PR
    • Talk from Tomas Rawlings of the Games Hub on how to be an Indie games developer
    • Talk from 100% Indie
    • Demo camp
  • Completed Sprint 1 of Bubblision (tasks this week):
    • Movement of NPC bubbles
    • Further changes to 3D assets including adding glows (lights)
    • Created particle system for bubble bursting
    • Wrote a back dated post on my objectives for Bubblision
  • Set up some redirects on the Glossary to cope with bad third party links and also fixed a minor bug
  • Read a bit more of Casual Revolution
  • At work I went to an afternoon meeting on encouraging innovation
  • Looked at tools for doing video screen capture on Windows

SunUp #2

My second SunUp already, I’ve no idea where that week went…. this week I:

  • Carried on working on the sprint #1 tasks for Bubblision. I think, perhaps ambitiously, I’m ahead of schedule.
  • Went to a meeting of the Bristol Unity Group at the Bristol Games Hub.
  • Read a bit more of Casual Revolution
  • Looked at improving some Apache redirects for the Glossary project.

SunUp #1

I was reading a development blog the other day and one nice thing they did was post FriUps (Friday Updates). The FriUps give a quick summary of the things they’d been working on that week. I liked the idea and, as I’m working less conventional days/hours, I thought I’d do SunUps (Sunday Updates… do you see what I did there?).

So, this week, I …

  • Started the first Bubblision sprint
  • Got to grips with Git under Windows… sigh, I really wish I could do this development under Linux as working with Windows again after all this time is far too painful and slow to be much fun.
  • Set up SSH keys with PuTTY… again, far harder than if I was using Linux.
  • Set up the new Unity project and got some place-holders done.
  • Read a bit more of Casual Revolution.
  • Listened to a few interesting podcasts from Infinite Ammo.
  • I got excited about the release of F1 2013 on Friday 😉

Bubblision – Sprint 1 start


Bubblision was a (very) basic Flash game I created in 2003 for our Staff Art Show. Now I’d like to create a much improved and bigger version in Unity – for deployment on Android (and hopefully iOS). The game is a small puzzle (casual) game and my plan is to use it as a manageable project for my first experience with Unity. Building on that I can then work on some of the bigger projects I’ve got planned.

Bubblision is the name I used for the Flash title but I may change it before launch for this new version. It’s a bit tricky to say and not very easy to spell… for now it’s a reasonable working title though.

Sprint stories

  1. Set up Git repo
  2. Create Unity project and configure it to use Git
  3. Create game design document/summary
  4. Basic screens/menus
  5. Movement of NPCs

Expected duration

Three weeks (ending 23/10/2013)

Objectives for my first game

For my first game with Unity I want to create a mobile version of my 2003 game Bubblision. It’s basically a casual game and the objective is to prevent four coloured bubbles from bursting for as long as you can. You do this by firing another bubble into the path of one of the coloured bubbles and knocking it away from spikes.

As this will be my first mobile game I don’t have particularly high expectations and my main objectives are:

  • Ship
  • Learn Unity
  • Ship
  • Learn C#
  • Ship!

So, in a nutshell, the main objective is to ship something…

Other less important objectives:

  • Learn about ad networks
  • Learn about IAPs
  • Get 1,000 downloads within three months of launch