Bubblision – Sprint 32 complete & SunUp #14-51

Released what I hope will be the final alpha of Bubblision before the initial release.

Some tasks completed during this sprint:

  • Fixed a number of minor bugs
  • Updated GameAnalytics and Google Play Services
  • Added privacy policy
  • Updated list of play testers
  • Created (and added) a sound for levelling up

Some other things I did:

  • Celebrated Christmas 🙂
  • Started work on the company website

SunUp #14-50

Some tasks completed during this week:

  1. Created a draft privacy policy and updated in game links
  2. Fixed a bug with scores not being shown correctly on “level up” screen
  3. Fixed a bug causing the “Paused” label to be shown when reloading
  4. Made sure the matches required text is updated when loading a game
  5. Updated GameAnalytics to version 0.6.8
  6. Upgraded Google Play Game Services to version 0.9.11
  7. Added a different shader to the bubbles from CoreFramework – it makes the bubbles look shinier

Other tasks:

  • Added another blog post to the company website

Bubblision – Sprint 31 complete & SunUp #14-49

The main achievement for this sprint has been releasing a third alpha of Bubblision – this latest alpha introduces the new level system.

Some tasks completed during this sprint:

  • Created the level system
  • Changes some of the particle effects
  • Limited power-ups to only showing after level three
  • Record the highest level a player reaches
  • Added a “Paused” message when paused
  • Created a pop-up screen between levels

Other tasks:

  • Added a blog post to the company website