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SunUp – #18-04

This week I’ve mostly: Glossary: upgraded to CakePHP 2.10.7 now that this has been released following a fix to the bug I’d identified and then tested the fix for in 2.10.6 Oversteer Racing: I’ve been working on creating a smoother transition when we change the level of drag or rolling resistance on the cars (for example, when getting a ‘tow’ from the car in front or when off the track). I’m quite pleased how this... Read on

SunUp #17-05

This week I’ve: Oversteer Racing: more work on the pit stop UI so players can select the changes to make and see how it affects pit stop duration Oversteer Racing: wrote the latest dev blog Glossary: updated to CakePHP 2.9.5 RF1: posted a blog post outlining some changes to the rules for 2017 RF1: added functionality to add and delete races which will make administering the game easier if a race is cancelled mid-season Read on

SunUp #15-30

I’ve been on holiday this week so haven’t had much time to do anything. However, I… Updated the Glossary from CakePHP 2.6.3 to 2.7.1. This resulted in a few minor changes to remove some deprecated code but seemed fairly painless (so far). Read on

SunUp #15-08

I’m really pleased to announce that Bubblision is now available on SlideMe: Up until now Bubblision has only been on Google Play but over the next few weeks I hope to add Bubblision to some of the other app stores. I also tried to register as a seller on Samsung Galaxy Apps but their site is currently rejecting signups. Bizarrely they set somewhat draconian restrictions on passwords… 6-15 alphanumeric characters but their site currently... Read on

SunUp #15-03

The start of the year has been pretty busy and so I’m not expecting to be able to work on many other projects for a bit. However, this week I: Migrated the Glossary to CakePHP 2.6.0 Upgrade RF1 to Django 1.6.10 Set my goals for 2015 Read on

SunUp #14-42

I didn’t get much time to work on Bubblision this week. However, I did: Do a test upgrade to Django 1.6.8 for RF1 Start work on migrating the AES Glossary from CakePHP to Django I’ve decided that there doesn’t seem to be a good reason to carry on using CakePHP for the AES Glossary so I’m planning on migrating this to Django. I’ve some other projects for the AES site and I just can’t face... Read on

Bubblision – Sprint 24 complete & SunUp #14-35

Some tasks completed during this sprint: Finished the save/load game functionality Game is saved automatically on pause and on exit When opting to play a game you now get a choice or load a saved game or start again Added a setting screen (moved sound and accessibility settings to it) Added code to improve the accessibility of the game Updated RF1 to support double points at the end of the season (also added an integration... Read on

SunUp #14-25

Some of the things I did this week: Finally created some integration tests for Bubblision. I’ve only done two so far but it’s a start. Went along to the monthly Unity meet-up – a talk on editor extensions. Great talk and an excellent night. Did a test upgrade of the Glossary to CakePHP 2.5.2 (from 2.5.1) Prepared test fixtures for the Identifier tool prior to attempting to upgrade it from the CakePHP 1.3.x branch to... Read on

SunUp #14-17

Things I’ve done this week (it’s been a busy one): Went to the Bristol Games Hub Unity Meet-up – really interesting talks and demos. Looking forward to more regular meet-ups. Went to the Bristol Games Hub and Full Indie UK showcase evening – some great games on show. I enjoyed the evening but left feeling a bit demoralised as the games in the showcase were all a lot better than Bubblision. I’d like to be... Read on

SunUp #14-11

It’s been an interesting week and I’ve been working on a wide range of things: I’ve moved more of my backups to Amazon EC2 I also wrote some notes on how to set this up so it’s less of a chore next time 😉 I upgraded the Glossary so it’s now using CakePHP 2.4.6 I’ve made some minor updates to RealityF1 and done the scores for the first race of the season I’ve also done... Read on

Bubblision – Sprint 11 complete & SunUp #14-10

As predicted I didn’t have much time to work on Bubblision during this sprint. I did manage to: Review some of the ad networks (I’m currently thinking of using Google’s AdMob) Work on the final game screen Add the current high score to the main game screen A few other things I did: Added a couple of new awards to Reality F1 Did some work on the Glossary as I found a bug when working... Read on

SunUp #14-03

I’ve still got a fair few things going on so I’ve not got as much done as I’d hoped… Perhaps this will be the trend for the first part of 2014 as the F1 season is just around the corner so I’ll need to start working on RF1. This week I’ve started the following tasks but not completed any: Player bubble collision with power-ups Fix duplicate player bubble bug Other tasks I’ve completed: Updated the... Read on

SunUp #6

For a variety of reasons I’ve not had as much time to devote to my game project as I’d hoped this week. As a result I’m a bit behind where I’d like to be in terms of the current sprint. That said, I still managed to complete a couple of tasks: The non-player bubbles now burst (albeit the particles still needing a lot of work) and are removed from the game area if they reach... Read on

Renaming the CakePHP root directory causes server errors

If you get an internal server error after renaming the CakePHP root directory then it’s almost certainly caused by cached copies of the models. If you change the debug settings back to 1 or 2 in Config/core.php and access the site this flushes the model cache and you can then reset the value back to 0. Read on

Glossary – Sprint 3 complete

Sprint tasks review Created a new branch in the git repo Migrated the code Fail – confirm the existing SimpleTest test suite reports no errors Additional task – Migrated test suite to PHPUnit Tested the deployment to a fresh CakePHP 2 install Merged branch into master Moved code into production Complete Read on

Using SimpleTest with CakePHP 2 (can you?)

In order to help migrate a CakePHP 1.3 app to CakePHP 2 I wanted to get the SimpleTests I created for 1.3 working in v2 so that I can be sure the migration has worked correctly. The Cake docs suggest that SimpleTest will work with CakePHP 2: Of course you can continue to use SimpleTest in your application by replacing the related files. Well… maybe you can but I tried a few different things... Read on

Migrating a CakePHP 1.3 app to CakePHP 2 – a few gotchas

Firstly, make sure you read the 2.0 Migration Guide. Then follow the instructions for using the Upgrade shell. Having done this I found there were a few things that the shell hadn’t done: The app/Controller directory should contain AppController.php and PagesController.php (in addition to your newly renamed controllers). In my case these files weren’t copied across so I had to do this manually from the source tarball. The app/Model directory should contain AppModel.php but I... Read on

Glossary – Sprint 3 start

Story By the end of this sprint we will have migrated the current application from CakePHP 1.3 to CakePHP 2.3. We will have also deployed the new codebase into production. Sprint tasks Create a new branch in the git repo Migrate the code Confirm the existing SimpleTest test suite reports no errors Test the deployment to a fresh CakePHP 2 install Merge branch into master Move code into production Expected duration One – two weeks.... Read on

Glossary – Sprint 2 complete

Sprint tasks review Work out how to extend SimpleTest to a test database with the WebTester Complete – see documentation. Create Integration Tests Created tests for Terms (public and admin functionality) Created tests for Groups (public and admin functionality) Created tests for Links (public and admin functionality) Created tests for other ancilliary models (admin functionality mainly) Complete – tests created Read on

Using a test database with CakePHP1.3 and SimpleTest’s WebTestCase

Background The background to this project is that I’m having to migrate an existing CakePHP 1.3 application to CakePHP 2. Most importantly I want to be able to test the application once I’ve migrated it (using the same test suite used in 1.3) to make sure it still works as expected. Once that’s done I can deploy the upgraded app and then set about re-writing the tests to use PHPUnit. The CakePHP 2 migration notes... Read on

Glossary – Sprint 2 start

Story As a developer I need to be certain that the web front-end of the application works as expected. Sprint tasks Work out how to extend SimpleTest to a test database with the WebTester Create Integration Tests (predominantly Terms, Groups, Links but also including ancillary models) Expected duration Two – three weeks. Read on

Glossary – Sprint 1 complete

Sprint tasks review Migrate existing code to a git repo Complete – Source code moved to my BitBucket account. Install SimpleTest Complete – SimpleTest installed and tested using CakePHP 1.3 core tests. Create Unit Tests (Models and Util component) Created fixtures (needed fixtures for all models) Created tests for Models Created tests for Util component Complete – tests created Read on

Glossary – Sprint 1 start

Story As a developer I need to migrate the current code base from CakePHP 1.3.15 to CakePHP 2.x. In order to do this I need to create missing unit tests as these will allow me to migrate to the new codebase and retest the migrated code. I also want the code to be under version control. Sprint tasks Migrate existing code to a git repo Install SimpleTest – the only test framework supported by CakePHP... Read on