Bubblision – one month after launch

I can’t believe it’s a month since I released Bubblision – time flies! I’ve had some really good feedback and people seem to be enjoying it. As a month has elapsed I thought it worth sharing some of the stats so far.

Item Stats
Installs 23
Daily Active Users 3.43
Session length (average) 3.8 mins
Session length (max) 13 mins
Retention rate (day 1) 30.43%
Reviews 4
Average rating 5 stars

So, not setting the world alight but I’m still really pleased with it. I’m also really grateful to everyone who reviewed it.

If you’ve not had a chance to play then check it out here:

Get it on Google Play

Bubblision development statistics

As Bubblision has now been released I thought I’d share some of the statistics I’ve been keeping throughout the project.

As I’ve been using the game to learn how to use Unity and also been working in my spare time the timescales are not indicative of how long it takes to develop this sort of game (unless you’re in a similar situation…).


Milestone Date Hours spent
Project start 10/07/2013
First Alpha 13/11/2014 (491 days) 169
First Release 02/01/2015 (541 days) 202

Average time spent on the project per week: 2.6 hrs.

Time breakdown

A breakdown of the time spent on each task.

Task Hours Percentage
Analytics 4.25 2.1%
App store setup 3.5 1.7%
Artwork – backgrounds 2.95 1.5%
Artwork – objects 2D 9.75 4.8%
Artwork – objects 3D 2.25 1.1%
Audio – game sound 3 1.5%
Bug fixing 19 9.4%
Development – Code 97.8 48.4%
Development – UI 19.5 9.7%
Third-party setup 19.5 9.7%
Other (documentation, testing etc) 20.55 10.2%

Although the above gives a breakdown of how the time has been spent on the project I think it masks some areas. For example, a lot of testing is done while developing and not just as formal testing (in the “Other” section).

Anyway, might be interesting to someone, might not…

We’ll see if this breakdown changes on my next project.