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SunUp #15-20

This week I… Created some new promotional screenshots for Bubblision Released v1.11 of Bubblision (this feature release allows players to skip a bubble by swiping) Added caching to the Mucky Creature web site Carried on working on the RF1 link changes Began work on the first Annual Return for my company Updated the blog with all the SunUps I’d missed 😉 Read on

SunUp #15-17

This week I…  Released an alpha version of Bubblision (v1.1) – the main change is that it has added game functionality allowing players to skip the current player bubble colour. I think it makes the game more fun but I’m worried it’ll make it too easy. More work on the responsive redesign for the shop – almost done now! Upgraded RF1 to use Django 1.8 Began work on changes to RF1 to use the URL... Read on

Bubblision – Sprint 32 complete & SunUp #14-51

Released what I hope will be the final alpha of Bubblision before the initial release. Some tasks completed during this sprint: Fixed a number of minor bugs Updated GameAnalytics and Google Play Services Added privacy policy Updated list of play testers Created (and added) a sound for levelling up Some other things I did: Celebrated Christmas 🙂 Started work on the company website Read on

Bubblision – Sprint 31 complete & SunUp #14-49

The main achievement for this sprint has been releasing a third alpha of Bubblision – this latest alpha introduces the new level system. Some tasks completed during this sprint: Created the level system Changes some of the particle effects Limited power-ups to only showing after level three Record the highest level a player reaches Added a “Paused” message when paused Created a pop-up screen between levels Other tasks: Added a blog post to the company... Read on

Bubblision – Sprint 29 complete & SunUp #14-45

Had another reasonable sprint and made good progress, including releasing the first (and second) Alpha of Bubblision. Some tasks completed during this sprint: Reworked the Google Play Game Services screen Tweaked design of “Log out” button Released the first Alpha of the game to my group of testers (12/11/2014) Auto-submit scores on logging in (feedback) Design tweaks to “Play” button (feedback) Refactored the AdMob integration to fix a bug where an ad might appear on... Read on