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SunUp – #20-06

This week I’ve: RF1 – upgraded to Django 1.11.28 RF1 – carried on the update work for Django 2.2.x RF1 – debugged a false negative in my test suite that only occurs in a Bitbucket pipeline (appears to be an issue with Bitbucket and not the test suite) Read on

SunUp – #19-26

This week I’ve:- Oversteer Racing – more work on the routines to handle the end of the race Oversteer Racing – checked that the options in the settings screen affect the game Oversteer Racing – fixed some bugs Oversteer Racing – wrote the latest dev blog RF1 – upgraded to Django 1.11.22 Misc – signed up for another web host to try them out Read on

SunUp – #19-08

This time of year I tend to be very focused on RF1 so I’ve largely been working on that: RF1 – Added SSL to the test site RF1 – Redeployed the test site using Python 3.6 and virtualenv RF1 – Created a monitoring page and changed monitoring to point to new page RF1 – Redeployed the production site using Python 3.6 and virtualenv RF1 – switched to using pip-compile for requirements.txt Read on

SunUp – #19-07

This week I’ve: RF1 – upgraded to Django 1.11.20 RF1 – completed work to allow the application to run using Python 3 instead of Python 2.7 RF1 – looked into using virtualenv in production RF1 – updated the code to use a year specific value for the cost of a team change Misc – set up monitoring Read on

SunUp – #18-31

This week I’ve: Oversteer Racing: fixed a problem with calculating pit stop time for rival cars related to pit box accuracy Oversteer Racing: fixed an issue that was causing the player UI not to update correctly Oversteer Racing: fixed an issue where rival pit stop duration was calculated incorrectly if fuel was needed Oversteer Racing: fixed an issue where rivals were too eager to stop for fuel Oversteer Racing: wrote the dev blog for July... Read on

SunUp – #18-06

This week I’ve:- RF1: a few minor changes following the upgrade to Django 1.11 Oversteer Racing: started work on race strategy for AI cars. Specifically, when the AI cars choose to pit. Oversteer Racing: improved the look of the game by adjusting the graphical settings within Unity. Oversteer Racing: produced a #screenshotsaturday Web: finished uploading details of the AES publications from 2017 Read on

SunUp – #18-05

This week I’ve been pretty busy but I have: RF1 – upgraded dev site to Django 1.11 (LTS) RF1 – upgraded production site to Django 1.11 (LTS) This has been an important bit of work as I was using the last LTS release (1.8) and this is end of life in April. Read on

Testing Django applications with Bitbucket Pipelines and MySQL

If you’re a Bitbucket user then you probably already know about Bitbucket Pipelines. If you’ve not heard of Bitbucket Pipelines then they are Bitbucket’s continuous delivery mechanism. They allow you to run commands, on a new commit for example, to run tests and then deploy your code to production (if you want). I’ve been using Jenkins for a while but wanted to try out Pipelines on one of my Django projects. Specifically I wanted to... Read on

SunUp #17-18

This week I’ve: Oversteer Racing: updated code to remove deprecated API references for level loading Oversteer Racing: updated code for the particle system as some of the current code is deprecated Oversteer Racing: written the latest dev blog Glossary: removed AddThis as it cannot be configured not to set cookies any more RF1: set up Bitbucket Pipelines to run automated tests for RF1 Misc: switched over my backups to the new EC2 instance Misc: drafted a... Read on

SunUp #16-40

This week I: Oversteer Racing: fixed the particle issue introduced when upgrading to Unity 5.4.1 (seems like I was working around a bug in 5.3 that was fixed in 5.4.1, so then my workaround stopped) Oversteer Racing: now using the SpriteLamp shader and a normal map to dynamically light the car sprite Oversteer Racing: started work on the damage model for the car Web: updated RF1 to Django 1.8.15 Read on

SunUp #16-19

This week I’ve: RF1: Upgraded Django to 1.8.13 Oversteer Racing: Reduced the update rate of the UI Oversteer Racing: Updates to change car performance based on tyre grip Oversteer Racing: Started work on particles for smoke and dust Oversteer Racing: Initial work on car engine failures Web: Technical work to help launch the website for my wife’s company Read on

SunUp #16-10

This week I’ve: RF1: fixed a typo and a couple of minor design issues RF1: launched the 2016 competition RF1: upgraded to Django 1.8.10 RF1: Updated the function to count the possibe team permutations to also report on the number of teams containing both top drivers and top teams RF1: Minor styling update Oversteer Racing: Added data for fuel and tyre grip to the temporary UI Oversteer Racing: Removed some magic numbers Oversteer Racing: increased... Read on

SunUp #16-09

This week I’ve: RF1: Updated the site to use more HTML5 elements RF1: Bought an SSL certificate and moved the site to https RF1: Created a responsive design to allow the site to work better on mobiles and tablets RF1: Updated some database fields that are deprecated in Django 1.9 RF1: Removed references and functionality for reactivating old (pre 2012) accounts Read on

SunUp #16-06

This week I’ve: Web: Launched the landing page for my wife’s new company RF1: Upgraded RF1 to Django 1.8.9 Web: Moved some of my sites to use SSL (including this one) Oversteer Racing: Did a bit of house keeping on the Pivotal Tracker board for Oversteer Racing Oversteer Racing: Initial work on the fuel system Oversteer Racing: Initial work on track limits Oversteer Racing: Added messaging and callback system to help track cars Read on

SunUp #15-45

This week I… Updated the Glossary to use CakePHP 2.7.5 Updated RF1 to use Django 1.8.6 Oversteer: Tidied up a bit of code in Oversteer Updated Oversteer to allow us to easily toggle between the PS3 controller and the virtual joystick Tagged test scenery objects Stopped constraining the virtual joystick in a circle as this stops us being able to set full throttle and full turn Lots of tweaks to acceleration and deceleration rates Read on