Gideros Mobile – game engine review

Programming language: Lua

Official site:

Gideros is superficially similar to Corona but has its own built in editor. There is a free version and Gideros also allows you to import your own plugins. I could publish to Android or iOS using the free version but, at the time of writing, Gideros has no IAP support for Android and it’s not clear when this functionality will be added.

Gideros doesn’t rely on a hosted solution to do builds which is one of the main things that sets it apart from Corona.

Also having read a lot in the Gideros forums whilst researching the SDK there appeared to be a lot of negativity aimed at Corona SDK (or Mexican/Small Beer as people call it on the Gideros forum – Corona is also the name of a popular beer from Mexico). I’m sure the negativity isn’t from the people responsible for Gideros itself but I came across examples of this in the forum quite regularly. Anyway, it didn’t affect my opinion of Gideros itself, it’s just a bit odd.
Gideros looks great and has a lot going for it but without IAP for Android it’s a non-starter for my project. As a result I can’t give a cost to market for what I want to do since I can’t get to market using Gideros.