Monkey – game engine review

Programming language: Monkey Code

Official site:

Monkey looks good and I know someone else using it. The demo version of Monkey is free but only the paid version ($99 one-off fee) has support for Android and iOS deployment. Code is written in Monkey Code and then compiled to Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, and ActionScript. There’s no native IAP support but there are other third party plugins that provide IAP support. One great thing about Monkey is that it runs on Linux, my dev environment of choice.

To be honest the only thing that concerns me about Monkey is that Monkey Code isn’t used any where else. The other engines I looked at all use established languages that are used in other games engines or other applications. If I’m to invest time in learning a new language it makes sense to use one that’s used elsewhere too. It’s a bit of a shame, and a purely personal view, as otherwise Monkey looks great.

Monkey is definitely a viable option and looks like it will support what I need to do. The unique language is a concern though.