Bubblision – Sprint 1 complete

Sprint stories review

  1. Set up Git repo
  2. Create Unity project and configure it to use Git
  3. Create game design document/summary
  4. Basic screens/menus
  5. Movement of NPCs – currently just moving around a bounding box. The bubbles bounce off the walls but not each other

Additional stories:

  1. Set up Google Docs spreadsheet and data collection form to keep track of time spent on various tasks
  2. Added a glow (light) to each of the bubbles
  3. Randomly switched bubble lights on and off during play
  4. Created particle system for bursting bubbles
  5. Wrote up some potential ideas for backgrounds
  6. Looked into screen capture software for Windows


I’m ending the sprint early (just by a few days) as I’ve completed all the tasks I set out to do and also did a few other additional things.

I’m also going to reduce my sprints to two weeks (rather than three) just to keep things a bit lighter in terms of the story list.