SunUp #1

I was reading a development blog the other day and one nice thing they did was post FriUps (Friday Updates). The FriUps give a quick summary of the things they’d been working on that week. I liked the idea and, as I’m working less conventional days/hours, I thought I’d do SunUps (Sunday Updates… do you see what I did there?).

So, this week, I …

  • Started the first Bubblision sprint
  • Got to grips with Git under Windows… sigh, I really wish I could do this development under Linux as working with Windows again after all this time is far too painful and slow to be much fun.
  • Set up SSH keys with PuTTY… again, far harder than if I was using Linux.
  • Set up the new Unity project and got some place-holders done.
  • Read a bit more of Casual Revolution.
  • Listened to a few interesting podcasts from Infinite Ammo.
  • I got excited about the release of F1 2013 on Friday 😉