Bubblision – Sprint 2 complete & SunUp #5

It’s the end of Sprint 2 for Bubblision and I’ve completed all the tasks and fixed a few early bugs. One of the major tasks this time was to do the first Android build and seeing the first dev build on my phone (even though it’s not playable) was a big milestone.

  • Set up Pivotal Tracker
  • Adjusted game area
  • NPC bubble collisions
  • Background art work
  • First Android build
  • Stop NPC bubbles getting stuck at the ede of the playing area
  • Made sure the Android back button (to quit) was supported
  • Looked at screen capture
  • Uploaded a first development video

Of all the tasks, the most frustrating was setting up screen capture for recording game play. I tried VLC and Jing under Windows but both resulted in very choppy play back. I think this was due to the low spec Windows machine I’m having to use at present rather than Jing or VLC – given how good VLC is at most things to do with video I’m sure it can’t be at fault here. Jing seemed ok and I liked being able to pick an area of the screen to capture but having to sign up for a TechSmith account before I could even try it out was frustrating – this was made worse as they reject email addresses that contain a plus sign despite the fact that these are perfectly valid (sigh).

In the end I did a Linux build in Unity, copied the files to my Linux box and did the screen capture there using SimpleScreenRecorder. Job done.

Anyway, here’s the first development video (no sound and a bit basic but it’s progress):

SunUp #5

Other than the remaining sprint tasks, this week, I also…

  • Created a pixel art logo for ‘Mucky Creature’ (the working title for the name under which I’ll publish my games)
  • Did a bit of research on mobile Ad networks and also on game publishers
  • Listened to a few talks from Casual Connect
  • Played a bit of GTA 5 😉