Bubblision – Sprint 7 complete & SunUp #14-02

I didn’t have as much time to work on my projects as I’d hoped during this sprint. The sprint overlapped with the New Year and also me needing to mark some of my students’ assignments. As a result I probably had only half the time I usually have during a sprint and so I finished fewer tasks.

Tasks completed this sprint:

  1. Fixed a bug which led to the score increasing if the player bubble burst on the spikes
  2. Randomly show power-ups to the player
  3. Added a “slow down” method to the NPC bubbles

SunUp #14-02

  • Carried on reading Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Design
  • Had a number of interesting discussions with Dreamhost regarding whether keeping rolling 29 day backups of the MySQL databases supporting sites I host with them on their servers broke their AUP… To be honest I don’t really want to dwell on this other than to say that I think Web developers have a responsibility to keep backups of their sites. Hosting companies don’t (usually) share that responsibility and that’s absolutely fine. However, I do think hosting companies should make it straightforward for customers to create automated backups in a managed and responsible way. I don’t think customers wanting to keep rolling (small) backups on the host’s server before they are copied to a remote location is unreasonable. When my hosting is up for renewal I’ll be looking for a host that shares this view.