Bubblision – Sprint 8 complete & SunUp #14-04

After a slow start I managed to get a few things done during this sprint. I’ve still been unable to fix the duplicate player bubble issue and this will have to roll over to the next sprint. I’ve a few things left to try, including a rewrite of the code, as a lot of the other things I’ve tried haven’t worked. To date I’ve tried making the player bubble a singleton, trying to detect and remove duplicates and also adding code to detect if the player bubble was destroyed/created and stopping the creation of a second. So far the problem still happens (albeit very occasionally) but I’ll focus on it in the next sprint.

Tasks completed this sprint:

  1. Adjusted size of the collider on the NPC bubbles – this makes for more realistic and predictable collisions
  2. Adjusted the point at which the NPC bubbles burst on spikes as this could cause odd behaviour with the release of the player bubble
  3. Added a particle system for collisions between the player bubble and power-ups
  4. Added code to detect collisions between player bubble and power-ups and added code to:-
    • Slow down all NPC bubbles
    • Increment a score multiplier
    • Recreate a previously burst NPC bubble
  5. Created an app icon

If you’re interested the app icon I’ve come up with as follows. I’ll see how this goes but I’m pretty happy with it at the moment.
Bubblision icon

SunUp #14-04