Bubblision – Sprint 10 start

I’m expecting to have to spend some time on my fantasy F1 project in the next couple of weeks so I can launch it well ahead of the coming season. This means I’ll only be able to put in a limited amount of time on Bubblision and just have a few stories to focus on (albeit important ones).

Sprint stories

  1. Create the GUI for all remaining screens
  2. Sort out the correct scaling for various screen dimensions
  3. Start creating some tests

Expected duration

Two weeks (ending 23/02/2014)

Yay for testing!

I’m also excited about the release of official testing tools by Unity itself. Given that the impression I got from various gaming events I’ve been to is that few game devs do any TDD (test driven development) or TSD (test supported development) I’m really pleased that Unity themselves are making it easier for devs to test their own code.

That said, I still fully expect to hear comments such as “We’re too busy coding to do any testing” and “I can’t see how I’d test my code” whenever I bring up the subject for some time to come. 🙁