Bubblision – Sprint 11 complete & SunUp #14-10

As predicted I didn’t have much time to work on Bubblision during this sprint. I did manage to:

  1. Review some of the ad networks (I’m currently thinking of using Google’s AdMob)
  2. Work on the final game screen
  3. Add the current high score to the main game screen

A few other things I did:

  1. Added a couple of new awards to Reality F1
  2. Did some work on the Glossary as I found a bug when working in the admin area using Chrome. Chrome has inbuilt validation of HTML5 input elements but CakePHP uses hidden fields for form metadata etc. For some reason Chrome wants you to complete these and prevents submission until you do… but the fields are hidden so you can’t complete them. The solution is to switch off validation in Chrome with the novalidation attribute to the form element: <pre class="lang:xhtml decode:true crayon-selected" title="novalidate attribute">novalidate=”novalidate”</pre>