Bubblision – Sprint 14 complete & SunUp #14-16

During this sprint I managed to start a few things on Bubblision but didn’t finish any major items:

  • Did some play testing
  • Read a tutorial on integrating Google’s game services and specifically AdMob
  • Made some changes to the shaders I use to improve performance
  • Reduced rigidbody radius of the player bubble
  • Spent a lot of time investigating the jerky motion you can sometimes get on game start up. The issue is intermittent and better/worse at different bubble speeds; it also seems to disappear completely after the second play of the game. After reverting the code to previous versions I think this issue has been around for a while but less noticeable i.e. it doesn’t seem to be a specific error introduced into the code. I need to spend more time looking at how FixedUpdate and the syncing of the refresh rate on the handset can cause the jerkiness when moving items using transform.

A few other things I did: