Bubblision – Sprint 15 complete & SunUp #14-18

During this sprint I managed to finish a few things on Bubblision:

  • Fixed the jerky motion issue – turned out the problem was my use of FixedUpdate. FixedUpdate updates the display on a fixed time interval which is all well and good except if the FixedUpdate is out of sync with the visual update on the device. If the two are out of sync then the result is jerky motion. The solution is to switch back to using Update instead of FixedUpdate (the latter being better for complex physics rather than simple transformations).
  • Implemented EveryPlay (now part of Unity) which allows players to take game play videos. This solves the irritatingly hard issues of recording videos of game play and was previously requiring me to do a Linux build of the game and capture the game play there (it being needlessly difficult to do this on Windows). With the absence of Unity on Linux the next best thing is EveryPlay which works like a charm (see below) once I’d installed the JDK and fixed my path to the javac. The great thing about EveryPlay is it captures video direct from the phone.
  • Changed the shaders I’m using to more mobile friendly ones
  • Did some play testing

Latest game play video, as captured by EveryPlay:

A few other things I did:

  • Upgraded RF1 to Django 1.6.4
  • Migrated changes to the ZenCart code to the shop code, not deployed yet.
  • Did further investigations into company setup and the best structures etc.
  • Gave a really short talk on my Amazon EC2 experiences at work.
  • Read more of The Making of Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner