SunUp #14-23

Some of the things I did this week:

  • Finally got the forms for the business bank account from NatWest. Having done the initial sign-up online it’s pretty frustrating to wait two working days for a phone call then three more working days for them to email you forms to print out, complete and post back to them. It’s also the first form I think I’ve ever had to complete that switches back and forth between two different date formats from page to page (DDMMYYY and DDMMMYYYY)… it’s perhaps also the only form I’ve had to complete where it requires dates in DDMMMYYYY format for that matter.
  • Deployed the new Reality F1 code so it now supports the Ergast API again
  • Did a test upgrade of CakePHP 2.4 to 2.5 for the Glossary
  • I’ve also been reading Electronic Brains
  • Also started reading Unity 2D Game Development