SunUp #14-25

Some of the things I did this week:

  • Finally created some integration tests for Bubblision. I’ve only done two so far but it’s a start.
  • Went along to the monthly Unity meet-up – a talk on editor extensions. Great talk and an excellent night.
  • Did a test upgrade of the Glossary to CakePHP 2.5.2 (from 2.5.1)
  • Prepared test fixtures for the Identifier tool prior to attempting to upgrade it from the CakePHP 1.3.x branch to 2.5.2 – once that’s done I can begin development again
  • A week after returning my forms to the bank they finally got in touch (by phone). They still haven’t set up the account and asked me a lot of odd questions (such as what software I’m using?! – I still don’t know why that might affect my application for an account). As I’m not already a games developer, this being a start-up for me afterall, I’m not convinced they’re going to give me an account because of my lack of experience. Anyway, my application has been sent to another department who would “take another week” before getting in touch. It’s now almost a month since I first applied and, let’s be honest, they’ve been really slow and I still haven’t got an account…. hardly encouraging for someone starting a business.
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