SunUp #15-32

This week I’ve been working fairly solidly on the car control scripts for Oversteer Racing. At this stage there are three different things I want to try:

  • Moving the car with transform.position and transform.rotation – the downside of this is that it conflicts with the physics engine in Unity. Reading around it seems that, if you want to use physics at all, then it’s best to do everything with physics in Unity.
  • Move the car with physics by using AddForce and AddTorque – the downside of this is controlling the rotation of the car once you apply a torque.
  • Move the car with Unity’s wheel controllers – the downside for this is that the processing required to run four wheel colliders on up to ten cars might be too much for mobile devices.

I’ve been working on the second option at the moment but over the coming weeks I’ll be trying out the other options too.