Bubblision – Sprint 4 complete & SunUp #9

Wow, these sprints are rattling along!

It’s the end of Sprint 4 already and I completed all the stories. Towards the end of the sprint I came across a rather frustrating issue with the collisions in the game but this turned out to be something I’d overlooked and easy to fix… albeit after spending a couple of hours researching Unity’s collision detection and reviewing all my code. I’ll write a blog post about that separately as I think it may help others.

The end of this sprint represents a bit of a mile stone though as the game has reached first-playable status. It’s not “code complete” yet but I can play the game.

Tasks completed this sprint:

  • Player bubble burst and (re)instantiate
  • Detect touch position based on game area and not pixels
  • Instantiate NPC bubbles at game start up
  • Stop NPC bubbles from overlapping
  • Fix NPC bubble jitter at the edges of game area
  • Fix collisions being detected inconsistently
  • Set collisions between player bubble and NPC bubbles
  • Reviewed use of game constants (was originally planning on moving them)

SunUp #9

  • Further work on migrating RF1 to Django 1.6
  • Finished reading “Casual Revolution” (3/5 stars)