Bubblision – Sprint 10 complete & SunUp #14-08

As expected, I didn’t have a huge amount of time to spend on Bubblision during this sprint.

Tasks completed this sprint:

  1. Sorted out the scaling for different screen resolutions
  2. Removed the old code for adjusting camera size on the menu screens
  3. Created/improved GUIs and screens
    • Home screen
    • Help screen
    • Credits screen
    • Game screen – addition of logo and score etc
  4. Added functionality to toggle the sound on and off

SunUp #14-08

  • Spent most of my time updating my fantasy F1 game for the coming season, deciding on prices, updating code and testing etc.
  • Read a tiny bit more of Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Design
  • Did some minor tweaking of the EC2 setup for my backups.