2016 Review

Well, it’s hard to put a positive spin on many things in 2016… I’m still reeling from the Brexit and Trump votes 🙁

  1. Reach either “first playable” or “Beta” status with my next game (or better ;-)) – FAIL (I’ve done a fair amount but no escaping this as a fail)
  2. Do at least two #screenshotsaturday’s – DONE 30/07/2016 and 29/10/2016
  3. Do at least one presentation/talk about my games – DONE 17/02/2016
  4. Find more time to work on my own projects – PARTIAL
    • I’ve reduced some external commitments and improved my organisational skills by using Todoist.

Score: 2.5/4 – not bad…

So, an OK year then and a bit better than 2015. However, the lack of time is still a concern and definitely an issue for the coming year.